A Letter From Our CEO

In 1984, I started Magnus Broadheads in a spare bedroom of my parents’ home. Since then, we have made – and continue to make – quality broadheads for serious bowhunters. We are the leader in cut-on-contact broadheads, and our priority is the same today as it was in the beginning – to focus on the customer who spends their hard-earned money on our broadheads, the quality of our broadheads and the quality of our customer service, which is our number one priority.

We have a no-hassle Lifetime Replacement guarantee, so no matter what the broadhead is shot into, if you damage our broadheads at any time we will replace.

Our two blade, three blade and four blade broadheads have taken every big game animal species, all over the world, many times over with great success and we are confident our broadheads will bring you success in the field.

Good luck in all of your bowhunting adventures!

Mike Sohm 


Magnus Broadheads

CEO Mike SohmCEO Mike Sohm
CEO Mike SohmCEO Mike SohmCEO Mike Sohm


If you have a question, concern or problem with any of our cut-on-contact broadheads, please contact us. We will email you back to confirm receipt.

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