“I have been a Magnus user for years, and when the Black Hornets came out, I was very impressed and had to give them a try. I ordered some, and when they arrived I was practicing for an upcoming elk hunt in five days. I proceeded to take two out, put them on my practice arrows and thought, ‘let’s give them the test.’ I never practice with field tips, so I was using the Magnus Stinger and sighted into 70 yards with them. I spin checked the broadheads, and they were perfect. (I) shot them at 50 yards dead on target—no deviation in flight. I used it that elk season with my bow set at 62 lbs, shot a 6x6 bull at 68 yards, and broke a rib going in (and) cut a rib going out. (The) bull went 24 steps. I was very impressed with the damage that was done to the animal, and he never ran as he didn’t even know what hit him. Opening day 2021 in Colorado, I was blessed to take the biggest bull of my life with a Hornet. The bull was in a little over 100 yards. I had jammed the Hornet in the other leg after it had broken a rib going in. (I) recovered the half of my arrow inside him—the broadhead was intact. This bull was over 900 lbs on the hoof. To say I was impressed with the way the broadhead performed is a strong understatement. I recommend these to other hunters who have not tried them and to all (the) hunters that hunt with me in Kansas. Thank you Magnus for engineering such a well-designed broadhead.”

— Doug Arnold

“With a total of 308 compound bow killed whitetails, including many Pope and Young Bucks,  over 200 of them have been taken with Magnus Broadheads, and every wound/shot scenario IMAGINABLE. I can safely say when it comes to bowhunting, there is simply no better broadhead.”

“ “Sharp, tough, reliable, accurate, UNPARALLELED customer service, AFFORDABLE!”   ”

— Richard Britt

“This is Mike West, I killed my first Deer with a bow in about 1976, I was around 16-years old. I have killed over 100- Big game animals with a bow over the years, including Moose, Elk, Deer, and Bear. Most of them were killed with the Magnus Stinger or Magnus Buzzcut. I have to admit I have jumped ship a few times chasing new trends along the way, however, I always came back to what I have had good success with. I currently use the Magnus Stinger and don't see any reason to ever chase any more trends. Every time I did, I had some kind of upset happen. I like to say, keep it simple. My experience is that the Magnus Stinger is durable, I also love the fact that the bleeder blade is a bit smaller than the main blade while keeping the same angle as the main blade. I think that is the number one thing to a better blood trail without sacrificing penetration and or glancing. That nice slow tapper and small blade in conjunction with the long slow tapper of the main blade make for a broadhead that maintains its direction of travel after hitting the animal. I have never had a Magnus Stinger or Magnus Stinger Buzzcut change direction once it hits an animal. With other short steep angled heads, I have had them change the direction of the angle of the shot and not exit where they should have. I highly recommend using these broadheads if you want to have consistent, successful, hunting results. A big thanks to Magnus for making the best broadhead on the planet.”

— Mike West


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